To realize our core values continuous improvement, it is necessary to have bright and extraordinary ideas to facilitate and speed up our work

PT Riung Mitra Lestari is always open to innovations. Innovation is the soul of the development of a company. It is one of our steps to be ready to face dynamic changes and immediate consequences so that we can adapt quickly, precisely and accurately.

Rinnova (Riung Innovation)

National Convention Head Office

An innovation competition is held annually and assessed by competent judges to determine the winner. It is one of the proofs that PT Riung Mitra Lestari wants innovation in every line that continues from time to time.

Temu Karya Mutu dan Produktivitas Nasional (TKMPN)

National Convention Inter-Company

Riung Mitra Lestari always participates in inter-company competitions by sending its best team to compete. In the history that has been carved, PT Riung Mitra Lestari has received the highest award since 2018.