Stretching Quality Improvement Activity Riung Mitra Lestari

//Stretching Quality Improvement Activity Riung Mitra Lestari

Greetings Innovation,

According to ISO 8402 – Quality Vocabulary, that the definition of Quality or quality is often defined as customer satisfaction or konformans to the needs or requirements. There is also interpreted Quality is everything that determine customer satisfaction and efforts to change the direction of continuous improvement oriented towards PQCDSME (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale and Environment).
So in any business is necessary a Quality, because in business required something cheaper, easier, better, and faster, all that can be achieved if businesses take notice and carry out the concept of quality. Running concept means that the quality of these businesses are doing changes in him. There are 3 reasons why businesses should do the changes, the first is for Business Players who already bleed – blood then the change is one – the only choice to be made, or in other words should be forced to change if it wants to survive. The second for Business Players who are currently in good condition, but see any threat in the future, the change is termed the selection or Proactive. Third for Business Players who are currently leading the (market leader), and there are no signs of a threat in the future then change the culture and way of life (culture / life style).
Stretching Quality Improvement activities had begun in the Environment PT. Riung Mitra Lestari, as has been done by the Site Embalut East Kalimantan, which organized a convention of quality improvement which is packed with the Name: 1st Internal QCC Convention 2015 Site Embalut held in Samarinda on August 9, 2015 with the theme was “Transforming Innovation for Sustanibility “. The process of this activity diiikuti by four teams of each – each department, the QCC Team furor (GEA Dept.), QCC Team Road Show (Prod Dept.), QCC Team Mangrove (Eng Dept) and QCC Team GOH (Plant Dept.). At this convention activities directly to the Executive without judging was done in advance with the Field Judging The judging mechanism and assessment of each – each Team QCC carried out by the Executive Jury consisting of Bp. Supardi (TDC HO), Bp. Budiawan Hendarto (Operation HO) and Bp. R. Eko Teak (PM Site Embalut) using Form Assessment standard QCC Convention applicable in PT. Riung Mitra Lestari.
Based on the results Judging and Assessment Executive Jury at the 1st Internal QCC Convention 2015 Site Embalut it was decided that:
Best First QCC: Tim QCC Mangrove (Eng Dept)
QCC Second Best: QCC Team Road Show (Prod Dept.)
Best QCC Third: QCC Team furor (GEA Dept.)
Best QCC Fourth: QCC Team GOH (Plant Dept.)
Congratulations to the team’s first winner of the Convention on the Site Embalut and even the first in PT. Riung Mitra Lestari, hopefully to encourage more stretched again Quality Improvement activities throughout the Job Site PT. Riung Mitra Lestari. Future plans for the team QCC QCC Convention Internal best of each – each Site will appear in the National QCC Convention PT. Riung Mitra Lestari in 2016.
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