“Innovation for Reliable Solutions”

Greetings Innovation,

According to ISO 8402 – Quality Vocabulary, that the definition of “Quality” or “Quality” is often interpreted as customer satisfaction or konformans to needs (requirements). There is also interpreted Quality is everything that determine customer satisfaction and efforts to change the direction of continuous improvement oriented towards PQCDSME (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale & Environtment).

Quality is very necessary in any business because the business needed everything cheaper, easier, better and faster. All the demands of the business can be achieved if businesses take notice and carry out the concept of quality. Running the concept of quality can be interpreted that the businessman is making the change in him.

There are 3 reasons businesses should make changes. The first is for businesses that have bloodied the change is the only choice to be made, or in other words should be forced to change if it wants to keep his business afloat. The second is for business people whose business is in good condition, but see any threat in the future, the selection changes (proactive). Third for business people who are currently leading the market (market leader) and no threat in the future, then change the culture and lifestyle company (company culture / life style).

Stretching Quality Improvement activities already begun within the PT Riung Mitra Lestari since 2015. Each jobsite has been implementing innovative programs either in the form of Quality Control Circle (QCC), Quality Circle Planning (QCP) and Suggestion System (SS). Programmes such innovation then competed in a convention to give birth to the winners in each jobsite. The best teams from each jobsite that has managed to win the convention at the jobsite will return to compete in the local-level convention of the company.

What is the purpose of the various programs of innovation in the company? Have we noticed, the products are almost the same but has a much different? For example the price of a cup of coffee, in a coffee shop than in a café can cost 5-fold difference. Equally cassava chips, the price can be much different from the difference. What makes the products have a much more expensive price compared to other products? For one thing, it has added value products (value added). Similar to a project, if we want to have high value or price, then the value added is a must-have. The basic foundation that we have the added value that we must have a value attached to our own. With these values, all the things that worked would have value and great energy.

To continue to stimulate and promote the growth of innovation in the midst of employees, management Head Office PT Riung Mitra Lestari held riung Innovation (RINNOVA) Convention I – 2016 on May 17, 2016 at the Head Office – Bekasi by inviting seven teams QCC best who managed to win the convention in level SS jobsite and one team from Head Office. As for the teams in question

Tim QCC “No Error” – Department of Engineering, Jobsite Rantau
QCC team “Al Asri” – Production Department and TDC, Jobsite Rantau
Tim QCC “PREMAN” – Department of Plant & Logistic, Jobsite Embalut
Tim QCC “GWS” – Department of Engineering, Jobsite Embalut
Tim QCC “Mangrove” – ​​Department of Engineering, Jobsite Embalut
Tim QCC “Companion Wheel” – Department of Plant & Logistic, Jobsite Krassi
Tim QCC “Resgo Dimension” – Production Department and TDC, Jobsite Krassi
Team SS “HOT” – HRGA Department, Head Office
Before describing the results of its improvement in the convention stage, all teams have passed the stage of field assessment, the jury came right up to the jobsite to conduct an assessment of each team on improvement process undertaken and the results of its application. Where a field assessment has a weight of 90%, while exposure teams in the convention stage weighs 10%.

Before the President Director of PT Riung Mitra Lestari, the jury executives, management and invited guests, convention participants alternately deliver their best performances in sufficient time to perform a role play singgat QCC program that has been done on the jobsite. Not to forget to open the current appearance will role play, each team is obligated to yell to be more excited. The totality of the team also appears from ancillary equipment used in preparing the role play.

After all the teams perform on a stage convention, came the announcement of the winner. The results of the judging read by Leader Rinnova, Supardi. The team managed to become champion in RINNOVA Convention I – 2016 is Tim PREMAN (Champion), Team No. Error (Second Place) and Tim Mangrove (Third Place).The team that managed to win this competition each receive a prize of Tropy and money coaching. While the team who became the first winner in RINNOVA Convention – 2016 will be sent to participate in activities at the national level, TKMPN held in Bali, Bali. Congratulations to the winners, never tired to keep innovating.

The purpose of QCC performed within the enterprise as PT Riung Mitra Lestari according to Project Manager Riung Embalut site when interviewed editorial team (hahahaha …..Edit yes Pit):

“Have we ever noticed, the products are almost the same but the price is different? One cup of coffee, for example, the price can be the difference in 5-fold. Equally the price of cassava chips could be much different. What makes a product has a price much more expensive than other products? For one thing, it has a value-added product (value added). Similar to a project, if we want to have high value or price, than have the value added. The basic foundation that we have value added is that we must have a value attached to our own. By value, all the things we do have value and great energy.

Embalut Site is currently heading the ISO 9001 certification on quality management. QCC as a form of Continuous improvement, into the street as a form of participation and contribution of all the components in Site in achieving the company’s goals. This is what we mean by “Added value” earlier. With the spirit of shared learning, 1st QCC Convention Site Embalut already we held in August with the participants is a team of four departments (PRO, ENG, PLANT and GEA), the evaluation of the 1st convention is a lot that needs to be re-polished but that makes us dumbfounded is the enthusiasm of all the teams that appear. Currently we are the team prepare for the session 2 to the 2nd InsyaAlloh QCC Convention which we will hold in December 2015. Through this QCC we hope all parties from all levels within the company can contribute by making small improvements in each unit it works, so that the small improvements that will accumulate a significant impact when all these improvements are accumulated.

We believe that, in 1000 kilometer journey starts from a small step. May Allah bless us all businesses. Aaamiin. “Teak R. Eko Kurniawan (Project Manager).