Our Competence

/Our Competence

Customer Satisfaction Assurance

  • RML is supported by its professional and competent work force. All employees have been passed through a series of valid, proper, high quality training and assessment. This condition will ensure all of them to perform tasks with the best possible output.
  • A continuous and schematic pace of human resource development to produce high skill, professional, high integrity, competent and bold in all required fields.
  • A strong engineering support with reliable and professional team as enabler not only to produce an efficient planning and operational mine design, but also an optimum output in term of mine economic recovery to customer.
  • The latest and best technology implementation of tools and equipment is coupled with a highly competent maintenance team with integrated and structured maintenance program which ensure a continuous and reliable operation.
  • An environmental friendly, caring, and safety-oriented working condition will ensure maximum productivity and performance.


RML have competent and experienced exploration team in the field investigations for extracting information and collecting geological data.

Exploration activities include geological mapping, topographic mapping and analyzing the existing resources.





Support from engineering with experts and professionals will produce the most efficient mine planning & design to ensure the most efficient and optimum output for the customer.

The planning process includes of geological modeling, pit design and geometry, production plans and mining sequences.


In the process of mining operations RML have people who are skilled, superior and professionals in their field, and also have a high dedication in their work to achieve target and the satisfaction of our customers.

Mining operation activities include of drilling and blasting, overburden removal, coal mining and coal transportation, heavy equipment management, pit service, stockpile management and port management.


In order to increase and support the mining activities, RML will prepare supporting infrastructure includes offices, workshops, roads, coal processing, port, stockpile, etc.


RML place HSE as a priority. We always put all efforts to cteate a healthy, safe and environmental friendly working condition.

HSE-related implementations are always refers to federal and local government’s laws as well as customer specific requirements and regulation.

At this moment, RML is developing a system of safety, health, and environment with international standard to ensure awareness of HSE from all employee and provide an excellent working place in term of health, safety, and environment.


Indonesia mining industry has been continuously putting and immense impact on social and economy development in mining regions. A synchronize and more careful development is mandatory to ensure a harmony between mining and local development in the future.

With a very strong experience of core management in this field as a background, RML emerge with “Community Development” concept which not count solely on charity program but also in the intensification of a continuous and self-supported local’s education, agriculture, and cultural development program.


Human resource is the most valuable and decisive characteristic of a company level of quality. RML shall value this fact by implementing a structural, integrated and continuous human resource development.

Related aspect of competency and productivity improvement will always be a main concern in human resource development. This policy will direct us to a path of company’s optimum level of working efficiency.

Human resource investment will take form in a complete technical and management training center development which spread across all of RML operation sites.