Integrity Forever

Demonstrate an attitude of piety towards God Almighty by working wholeheartedly, which is shown in honest behaviour, responsibility, and commitment, thus reflecting professionalism at work.


All for One

Commitment to prioritize mutual interests that are mutually beneficial, either internally or externally. We are always motivated to give our best, contribute at every opportunity, and establish good communication. It is manifested in empathy, openness, and transparency by considering each employee's development aspects.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

HSE is a Lifestyle

Have an uncompromising attitude and behaviour towards health, work safety, and the environment by creating a work environment that is healthy, safe, and minimizes the negative impacts that can cause to the surrounding environment.


Work Smart

Achieving result optimization through the best (correct and appropriate) way of working is manifested in prioritizing, using and maintaining available resources.

Continuous Improvement

Aim Better

It prioritized quality so that we are not easily satisfied with the results obtained by constantly making improvements and continuously learning and being adaptive to any changes that are manifested by a positive attitude and creative ideas resulting in innovation.